Smartphone App

Previously, we focused on cloud and closet and you can see the comparisons below.  We want you to know we have a mobile smartphone app in the mix as we heard from you asking about it.  Does Cloud or Customer Location Business Voice Communications support smartphones.

The answer is Yes.  Boulder Phone offers both an iOS and Android app and here are some screenshots and the feature benefit comparison and specific features.

Smartphone App Feature Benefits

Leverage Mobile with Your Phone System
– With BYOD-Bring Your Own Device to stay connected wherever you work
Use Multiple Devices
– Highly secure communications with ability to easily move voice calls and IMs from the desktop to mobile devices
Integrated VoIP Calling
– Multi-network capable; switch between 3/4G, LTE-Long-Term Evolution and WiFi-Wiress Fidelity networks
Mobile Telephone System Management
– Centrally deploy, manage and administer all of your organization’s mobile communications
We are exploring other cloud business communications apps and solutions.  If you have any specific needs or favorites, please let us know so we can review them for you – at no cost.
Here are a few more screenshots: