Anthem Branding Really Connects With Customers

Anthem Branding
is a full service marketing, web design, and branding company with 35 employees. When they grew out of their last office they knew they had an opportunity to create a dynamic, inspiring workplace that included communication services, not only for now but for the foreseeable future as well.

Problem: New building needs;

  • Carrier services for internet and voice access
  • Full voice, data, video, & audio infrastructure
  • Commercial grade business telephone system


  • Dual diverse routed conduits to property perimeter to provide Telco & Cable company access into the communications / server room
  • CAT6, coaxial cable and 16AWG cabling from the communications / server room to designated outlets and connection points throughout the entire office (including external locations)
  • Ericsson-LG iPECS IP phone & voice processing system

Construction design included a designed, 8 x 12’, climate controlled, lighted, and secure communications / server closet with diverse carrier access to the phone and cable companies. This meant that multiple two-inch metal conduits from the room to 1) the Telco pedestal where CenturyLink and Comcast connect to the building and 2) the property edge for underground Cableco connection were installed. Boulder Phone surveyed the carrier services market place for phone, internet, and video and negotiated CenturyLink T1-PRI with 60 DIDs for voice, 20 MBS-megabits per second symmetrical (equal speed in both directions) internet service and business television service from Comcast.


As a web design company, Anthem can take advantage of a gigabit speed data network for which Category 6 (CAT6) cable was specified. Anthem designated 55 outlets with two Cat6 cables per outlet for physical network separation as well as failover. Nine video cable locations were identified, as well as four security cameras, and eight audio speakers. The open design of the new offices dictated exposed black cabling routed through 
fastened to the girder structure into floor mount boxes under work desks. Where possible and appropriate cable also was routed through the walls.
The phone system selected was a state of the art Ericsson-LG iPECS IP phone system with T1-PRI module, expanded voice mail memory, and full featured Power over Ethernet (PoE) desk phones. Additional accessories included two Konftel audioconferencing units for conference rooms; a computer based receptionist console for call answer, transfer, and presence visibility and management; and cordless headsets for designated employees.


The Ericsson-LG iPECS phone system delivers on-premises VoIP telephony, voice mail to email, remote IP phone connections, smart phone pairing with a desk phones, and extensive user customization on a per phone basis.

“Boulder Phone was a great local company with an indepth understanding of the technologies in cabling, telephone systems and broadband telecommunications to help us plan for today and expand for tomorrow,” noted Brett Nichols Operations Director Anthem Branding. “We are so pleased with our system and look forward to working with Boulder Phone on any future project,” Nichols added.


Anthem Branding specified and Boulder Phone delivered a comprehensive and flexible communications infrastructure for voice, data, video, security, and audio. They are connected to the world with advanced voice and data services, and leverage their voice communications with an advanced, integrated phone system. Anthem has created a work environment that makes them a leading marketing and branding company.