Making Good Choices for Telephones, Internet Access and Cabling

Yes, Boulder Phone does all three and here are some thoughts on making good choices no matter who you select as your provider for any of these services.

– Telephones – the other day I called a business in Boulder and got the message “the number you called is not in service.”  Was the business really not in business?  No, they had selected a VoIP provider from New Jersey and the telephone service was not properly setup and thus received the disconnect message. VoIP is a proven technology and getting better all the time and certainly not all VoIP solutions have these problems.  VoIP is great for multi-office, home office, softphones (PC software telephones) and even smartphone apps to access business telephone services. We can recommend a VoIP provider to you and help you get it installed.

However, real desk phones and an in-house telephone system is still a more cost effective choice for many office situations including small and medium business with individualized needs.  This is not only for employee phones but also mobile integration, conference room, cordless, warehouse, remote locations, emergency, guest and other situations.   Training is key to helping your staff understand all the telephone features and Boulder Phone includes a minimum of six months training and programming (feature, user changes) on all of the telephone systems we sell.

– Internet Access & Telephone Lines – If there is one topic that every talks about but like the weather few understand very little about, is internet access and setting up voice business telephone lines/trunks.  Getting the right internet speed and voice lines/trunks configuration at the right price is something we can help you with today and/or at your next contract renewal.

– Cabling – Your office is only as good as your wire/cabling infrastructure.  Voice, data, video, audio, security, fire, paging, WiFi and any other wiring system all do best when thoroughly tested and clearly labeled. Yes, we can do WiFi as well. Connecting all the WiFi access points (the hardware and software for WiFi) requires industrial strength cabling and a plan for overlap coverage if one fails and for emergencies such as power failure.   High levels of WiFi security also never hurt because you never know when “war drivers” – people who sit in the parking lot stealing your WiFi, will show up.

Bottom-line – We have a lot of experience doing all of the above very well and also have cleaned up a lot of messes.  The most important point to leave you with, is do not make your “best choices” without giving us and others a call.  Best choices begin with having multiple choices.  And, if it matters, we will meet or beat any other choice.

All the best, David McIntosh – CEO Boulder Phone