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Boulder Phone – Here For You: 
We have special offers for our long-term customers, new startups, and Boulder area nonprofits — call us today for details.
Celebrating 29 years of focused, local service, Boulder Phone offers:- Small business phone systems – VoIP in the Cloud or in your office

– Voice & data/IT cabling
– Cat5E, Cat6, & fiber- Phone, internet, & video connections – via CenturyLink, Comcast, NexVortex, etc.We have built a local service brand that strives to optimize your business with appropriate communication tools.  It’s what we have always done and will continue to do with your interests in mind.We want to quote you a new phone system, bid the cabling of your office move or expansion, or shop for you some faster, better, cheaper voice, video, and/or data service when your contract is up for renewal. We have the interest, talent, and experience that can integrate your business with the proven applications.Boulder Phone works all day, everyday as an active member of the Boulder County and beyond community, to help businesses of all sizes: emerging, new, established, or non-profit: mountain, city, or rural; manufacturing, wholesale, or retail; B2B, B2C, real estate, professional, medical, or legal; education, restaurant, or recreation. If one of these is you, be sure to keep us in mind, as you ponder your next communications move.
DMc – 303-442-5500
Boulder Phone Helping Local/International Organization
We just helped Intercambio move into their new Longmont offices. We ran a full set of voice/data (Cat5E) cable and upgraded their telephone system, with our special nonprofit discount, to one similar to their Boulder office.  Now both locations have the same look and feel with their phone systems.
They do great work and we are proud to support them.  Here is a bit of information on Intercambio, should you know someone who could use their services.

Immigrants learn English from volunteer teachers who become a trusted friend in the community. Through intercultural events, newcomers can practice English and exchange culture and community. This synergy of connections is the heart of our model for immigrant integration.


Boulder Phone is proud to be the founder and member of the Boulder Chamber B2B-business-to-business leads group.  This group organized to help those businesses who provide services and solutions to other business including non-profit and government organizations. Since this is a new group we invite all those who would find this kind of business-to-business sales and networking helpful to attend. As with other leads groups our goal is to build B2B relationships between Chamber members in order to share qualified leads.  We welcome you to visit us and help “lift all boats” at:

Are You Looking for New Business Leads?
Join the Boulder Chamber B2B Leads Group
Contact us for meeting details.

Call me David at 303-442-5500 for details.
 There are other leads groups for B2C if you are also interested, click on image for more. 

We listed some of the pros and cons for hosted or cloud telephone versus telephone systems located in your office or premise. Here are a few more comparisons between hosting or owning your own phone system. Either way Boulder Phone can help and we know that an informed customer is a smart customer.  Click on image for Boulder Chamber website.

Planning for Communications

Here are some of the key issues to consider:

boulderphone2Simplified relocation or work from any location (home, coffee shop, mountain top, ski slope) – move the phone intra-building or to any city and plug-it-in and start making/receiving telephone calls. Relocation in your office is a snap and can reduce service calls. Once out in the cloud you are dependent on the quality of the internet connection and the ability of your phone to connect without any “techie” adjustment.

boulder-phone1Simultaneous ring – phone rings anywhere and everywhere until you answer the phone – “find me follow me.” This is a feature that doesn’t care what kind of phone system it is: hosted or premises based. Programming by the user can be a little tricky.

Customers say “voice mail inside email is priceless.” Messaging integration with features such as click-to-dial, answering and dialing, fully integrated – “toolbar” are becoming commonplace. Nearly all phone systems do this now so you work to get it integrated with your email provider. Outlook integration is also a welcome feature.

Management and user “web portal” control of features: call logs and ease-of-administration and remote web access via browser has high user acceptance. Admin is admin and requires study, practice, and training. Some processes are more intuitive than others.

boulderphone3TCO — Total Cost of Ownership – 20-30% of hosted users pay less than what they now pay for voice, long distance, high-speed access, and MAC — moves-adds-changes, however 70-80% pay MORE than what they were paying but feel the benefits are greater. Often the case is that the cost is shifted out of the phone world and into the IT world. What you saved in telco cost you can end up paying in IT administration. When you have hosted-cloud service you pay your monthly fee for as long as you subscribe to the service. When you purchase a system you pay it off right away or in 36 or 60 months. That cost is done and now the monthly communication costs are what you pay for.

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