Here are just a few of the voice and cabling solutions we carry.

Please note we can acquire a wide variety of telephone systems let us know what you need.

In addition, we are “professional movers “of telephone and data network systems in the case you want your present system just moved or improved upon.

Erisson-LG iPECS

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Vertical SBX-IP 320 – Visual display phones are very useful in web, audio and quick video conferences.





Konftel Audioconferencing – Every business has conference calls and Konftel is one of the best speakerphones available.  However, we will also review the conference room for you at no charge as to maximize the performance of your meetings.


Jabra cordless headsets – Headsets are great tools for the mobile office worker.  Jabra is recognized across the globe as leader in these devices as well as speakerphones and other audio gear.  We  can also explore other manufacturers based on your specific needs.


Minuteman UPS-Uninterruptible Power Supply – Having even a small battery-backup system to minimize the impacts of power spikes, surges and even power sags (where too little electricity is provided) is very important to your key servers, key personnel and other important systems. 


We have great expertise in cabling, wireless and cable management systems.  Here is one example of ICC terminations & patch panels.


Netgear data & PoE switches – Understanding the growing data bandwidth of your business is critical because of the growth of streaming video, webinars, multi-person audio conferences and desktop video can all impact the performance of your inbuilding wireless or wireline system or LAN-local area network.  These technologies can all impact your connections to the outside world or WAN-wide area network.  We have “been there and done that” for more than 20 years so we can make sure your network is ready to go and grow.

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