Are You Ready When the Power Fails !

81% of all communications outages are power-related.

With summer upon us, we have beautiful Colorado weather but also that afternoon thundershower. It is often accompanied by lightning and temporary power outages and that’s why every Boulder Phone installed system is protected by an Uninterruptible Power Supply, or UPS. A UPS protects your phone system against power spikes, (e.g. lightning), brown outs or sags, and temporary power outages. Stable electrical power extends the life of your system and keeps your system worry free. The cost of the UPS is far less than the cost of a replacement phone system. The size of the battery will determine the amount of time you can be without power. Boulder Phone has seen the battery in a UPS last from 20 to 80 months but the general rule is 36 months. Whether you need a UPS check-up, or you have unplugged your UPS because it was making an annoying beep, lets make sure that your system is protected in general and for the summer lightning season in particular.