Heat Index Burning Up Equipment

Keeping Your System(s) Up in the Hot Summer Months
Thunder and lightening, rain and hail, and scorching heat are a few of the summer issues that affect your office communication systems. It’s important that you anticipate the affects that weather can have and take appropriate measures to limit their effects.
While you enjoy the features of your phone system, it is important you keep your phone running all day every day. We take for granted being able to use our phones for:
  • Making and taking calls
  • Speakerphone
  • Intercom and transferring calls between phones
  • Conference calling
  • Voicemail to email
  • Cordless phones
  • Remote IP phones
  • Click to call from your computer
  • Smart phone integration
  • Music/Message-on-Hold
  • Paging system access
  • Remote user access
Your phone system, carrier equipment, and IT systems usually live in a phone/IT closet (or room) where the office cabling is landed. You have the opportunity to protect these systems with power protection and reserve back-up power with a Boulder Phone installed Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS. Lightening strikes, power spikes, brownouts, and brief outages are protected with a UPS. The size of your UPS is determined by system power demands and the amount of time you want service when the power is out.
The next step is to ensure that your phone/IT room is well lit, well ventilated, and like Goldilocks’ porridge, not too hot and not too cold. The effects of heat on electronic equipment can shorten its life. Lastly, you can protect incoming phone lines for lighting strikes with line protection. Lightening will get into your building in all kinds of ways and this can offers another layer of protection.
Out on the desk, your phone is usually safe but for spills and drops. Water, coffee, and kambucha can kill a phone and require that it be thrown away. Restaurants frequently use plastic splash guards for moisture protection.
It’s your choice
Boulder Phone is in the business of voice communications and wants to work with you to have the system that works for you and your business for maximum uptime with minimum support costs. We have spent 30 years selling systems backed up with focused, local service. We want to support you with your phones, whether in the cloud or in the closet.