Is there SIP in Your Business – More Than Tea or Coffee?

Boulder Phone is excited to inform you about emerging communication trends.  Most business telephones today usually only work on specific telephone systems and are only connected to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).  Click on any image for even larger view.

In addition, most business communications and PBX (private branch exchange) telephone systems support only a limited set of digital and IP (internet protocol) telephones.  This means customers are limited in their choices of telephones (endpoints) and other devices.  Then along came the internet.

The Internet uses routers and switches placed at customer locations and network data centers to provide routing and switching much like trains and boxcars.  The Internet supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) which is used for business telephone communications instead of the PSTN network and supports a wider range of telephones.
Today, there are many practical applications of SIP for business communications including mobile integration, telecommuting, branch office, contact centers, audio/video conferencing and other innovative systems.  In the future, all kinds of devices will be connected to the Internet and interconnected with other devices including health care monitors, building systems monitors and others.
If you would like details on how SIP communications can benefit your business please call David at 303-442-5500 or email and we are on our way to helping you with tech and business solutions.