Internet Access Options

Bandwidth is a myth as you really don’t need gigabit speeds for most business applications all the time.  You may simply know that you have the “need for speed.”  We are independent experts in bandwidth planning and evaluation for your business.  That is, we seek the right speed for your need at the right price.  However, bandwidth services are not available from all companies at your location as you really don’t ever want to be “down” either.  Give us a call and we will come and discuss options, prices and help you find and install the best bandwidth solution.  If your goal is local-to-global connectivity backed by end-to-end reliability and security we can help you do that. Here are just some of the companies we represent and if you have preference we can add that into the mix as well.

We have found there is never enough bandwidth but also never enough when you need it.  Kilobits (1000s) become megabits (1,000,000s) and now gigabits (1,000,000,000) are now available in most business locations in Boulder (call to be sure).

This means you and your team can work 1,000 times faster than you are working now.  No more waiting everyone in your business and should you want to put your website server in your office, your customers will never have to wait either.

Price to go – Give us a call and we can do a free analysis comparing all your bandwidth access needs and tell you how cost effective gigabit speed can be.

Blazing Fast Speeds: Symmetrical (equal download-to-you and upload-from-you speeds up to 1 gigabit (billion) bits per second (where available) allow fast data transfers and access to online applications, making it easy to connect your local and regional offices.  Here are some other benefits:

* Cloud Readiness: Robust platform with symmetrical speeds to support today’s cloud-based applications
* Less Hassle: Unite your voice and data over one efficient, IP-based network connection, eliminating the expense and
trouble of managing connections and vendors. Connect multiple sites via an advanced internet network by upgrading to
CenturyLink® Fiber + Enterprise
* Flexible Platform: Simple, online management of your services and options to customize as your needs change
* Business-class Reliability: Dedicated connection backed by service level agreements for network availability
* Business Essentials: Improve business continuity, mobility, and your online presence with Microsoft® Hosted Exchange email, online data backup, and basic web hosting tools

We at Boulder Phone are excited about this new project.  Call David at 303-442-5500 or email and we are on our way to helping you with tech and business solutions.