Is it time to get your Phones from the Cloud?

Is it time to get your Phones from the Cloud?

There is a lot of hype today around this business of cloud based phones.  You may hear it called VoIP or Hosted Phone service.  Boulder Phone describes this type of service as Internet based phones: that is, your phones are connected to each other through your broadband connection(s).  Your system lives on the internet, its set-up and control is in the cloud and the phone is on your desk, in your pocket, at your home, or in your computer.

For the right application these phones can be the bees knees. While you need phones, voicemail to email, audio conferencing, and mobility in your business you might not want to buy a phone system that is installed at your office.  Perhaps you are a start up or you’re moving to temporary quarters, or you don’t feel settled enough in your business to invest in a premises based phone system.  In theses situations one of the best options today is cloud based phone service.

Boulder Phone can help you find an experienced cloud based phone provider and get your phones set up and running.  Your job will be to choose the right kind of phones and to define some basic ways that calls come into your offices.  Note that right kind of internet connection is important as your voice, data, and video all share the same pipe and need to play nice together.  If not, you will get the gargling or choppy sound that degrades a conversation.

Of course it always boils down to costs.

Cloud based phones are great because you select your provider and a monthly cost that fits your budget off you go.  They send you phones, you and/or Boulder Phone gets them set up and working, and quickly you focus on the business of your business. Cloud based phones from Polycom, Cisco, Grandstream and others give you choices that fit your style and budget.

What does this cost and how does it compare when you buy your own phone system?  I like to look at it like leasing a car versus buying a car.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages but in either case it’s all going to be shiny and new at the start.  Cloud based phone are billed any number of ways but usually monthly, on a per user basis.  This may or may not include the cost of the phone.  Currently the cost per user is in the $20 – $30 range and as an example a 15 person office would pay $300 – $450 per month ($3600 – $5400 per year) for service in addition to the cost of internet access.  This is an ongoing operating cost that as part of the company’s annual budget.  Phone and feature upgrades are available as part of this service.  In the short term this cost is always less than the cost of buying a premises based system and paying for associated phone lines.  It is a simple and easy way to enjoy phones as a service.

The capital investment into the phone system achieves its best value when held and used for the full life of the system; usually either side of ten years.  With equipment leasing and the advent of SIP trunks (aka: internet phone lines), hardware based phone systems are competitive over the long term, including cost reduction upon lease completion and choice of phone lines without having to purchase new phones.

It your choice

Boulder Phone is in the business of voice communications and wants to work WITH you to have the system that works FOR you.  We have spent 30 years selling systems back up with focused, local service.  As we broaden our focus, we recognize the changing landscape and want to support you with cloud based systems too.